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“A really big step”: local women react to world’s first only-female spacewalk

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — With history made Friday as the world’s first only-female spacewalking team ventured out, 12 News heard from local women about the major accomplishment.

Comprised of NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, the historic day comes more than 50 years after the first-ever spacewalk.

Johnson City Middle School student Isabella Cobb wants to work in the space field one day, saying, “knowing that a lot of women have a bigger part of NASA is really great.”

Johnson City High School Junior Jadyn Baidoo-Davis called Friday, bittersweet.

“Because it took this long, but at the same time it is a historic moment,” she said, but highlighted, “that women are starting finally to earn equality.”

Johnson City Middle School teacher Libbie Haller says the work being done hundreds of miles away, can have a lasting impact back here on Earth.

“As women are given more opportunities they’re going to start taking them and then inspiring the next generation of girls to be interested in science,” said Haller.

Koch and Meir floated out into space Friday to fix a broken part of the International Space Station’s solar power network.

Julia Gorman

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