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Celebrations continued for Nobel Prize winner and Binghamton University professor

VESTAL (WBNG) — B.U. Professor and Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Dr. Stanley Whittingham, returned to the campus with a celebration from proud staff and students.

After Stan Whittingham returned from doing work in Germany and learning he had won the Nobel Prize, Binghamton University couldn’t wait to celebrate with him back on campus. So, they held an event honoring his recognition Friday afternoon in the auditorium.

“This is a wonderful place. I’ve enjoyed all my time here,” said Whittingham. There’s great colleagues here and stupendous leadership at Binghamton University.”

The professor took the time in the spotlight to highlight how he came to his success on his pioneering research on the lithium-ion battery while also focusing on his hopes to advance it even more in the future. Many of his students were there to celebrate as well, saying he shaped their outlook on their education and research.

“We already knew who he was so to us,” said current Binghamton University student, Isiksu Buyuker, who is studying to get her PhD in Materials Science. “Even when he didn’t have the Nobel Prize, we already knew he was, so I was already honored to just be in his lab.”

In return to inspiring students, Whittingham says this prize means so much to him, the students, the university, and the entire community.

“What was amazing is not a single person asked me where Binghamton was. They already looked it up on Google or somewhere else, so now I think Binghamton is on everybody’s map,” said Whittingham.

You can click here to learn more about Whittingham and his research.

Anne Sparaco

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