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Broome County to get cameras for school buses

BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — Broome County School Districts are taking steps to ensure safety when riding the school bus. County Executive Jason Garnar and other representatives from the school districts across the county announced all school buses in the county will have cameras installed on the stop arms of school buses.

“We are going to put cameras on every single one of these school buses,” Garnar announced. “So anytime anybody passes a stopped school bus they are going to get a very big fine in the mail.”

The first offense will result in a $250 fine and repeat offenders will see that amount increase.

“They’re going to think twice, because it’s not going to be up to the bus drivers to report this. It’s automatically reported,” Garnar said. “It’s going to be on video, you’re going to get a pretty big fine in the mail.”

Garnar said the county currently estimates this happens over a thousand times a year. Bus drivers said that without the cameras, unless there’s an officer nearby, it’s hard to catch those breaking the law because they often don’t have time to get the license plate number and report it.

“Just about every bus driver has a story of someone passing the bus or driving at least unsafely and putting the students at risk,” said Jason Andrews, Superintendent of the Windsor School District.

Garnar said the goal is to get the cameras in place on the buses before the end of this school year.


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