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Village of Deposit town board looking to remove police department in proposed budget cuts

VILLAGE OF DEPOSIT (WBNG) — The town board spoke with the public Tuesday night about why some budget cuts are necessary for taxpayers, but some local residents were still unhappy.

In the town board meeting in the Village of Deposit, the members explained their decision to abolish the Village of Deposit Police Department. This is in order to not increase taxes for local residents, which would climb to almost 30% to continue to provide the department’s funding.

Village Mayor Bryan Moore told 12 News they haven’t been using the department to its fullest extent to make it worth the money that is going into it every year.

“We’re covering right now 40 to 60 percent of our shifts, which isn’t very good,” said Moore. “We have a budget of $178,000 for the police department and then another almost $40,000 for town court, so really the taxpayers aren’t getting what they’re paying for.”

Moore says Deposit will have law enforcement around, as he and other board members are working with Broome County to keep a police presence in the area.

“We had to think outside of the box. We’ve been in contact with County Executive Jason Garnar and Sheriff Harder,” said Moore. “Essentially, what’s going to happen is we’ll draw up a contract with the Village of Deposit and Broome County and it’ll be a shared service with New York State and they will provide a full-time dayshift officer and…provide police coverage for the Village of Deposit.”

However, local residents were still upset during the meeting. One man expressed his concerns about the Broome County Sheriff’s deputies covering the area, saying, “They’d be useless as far as making arrests on warrants and things of that nature. I mean they can still respond to in-progress calls, but it would cut their ability to make an arrest on the warrant.”

Another woman upset about the priorities of village officials said, “You’re giving up protection for our community for a dollar sign. When does that become all right?”

The town board voted to allow their attorney to set the process in motion. A public hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, November 12, is part of this process.

Anne Sparaco

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