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Michael Waslyn and Gio Fabi – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

OWEGO (WBNG) – “It stands for a lot of hope.”

Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness and one that lit up Owego Free Academy on Friday night.

“It shows that we’re not just a football team, we’re much more than that,” said Owego senior Michael Waslyn.

An idea started by Owego seniors Michael Waslyn and Gio Fabi for a “pink out”, became an idea that extended much further than just the football team.

“We wanted to do something new this year, we talked about it last year and didn’t get to do it but this year me and Mike said let’s do it and coach agreed to it,” said Owego senior Gio Fabi.

“I think that kind of just shows how all of the guys are on the team and how everybody cares about not just football, and it shows that our team isn’t just a football team, we are guys that are a part of the community and we want to show that,” said Waslyn.

Friday’s game raised money for Traci’s Hope, a nonprofit organization named in honor of Traci Gibson, who died of breast cancer in 2006.

“With everything that goes on with breast cancer I think it’s a big deal that every team has the ability to go out and show their support for it,” said Fabi.

“Getting to talk to all the people there at Traci’s Hope was great and seeing all the pink out there was awesome. Everybody from the fans, the O Zone, the cheerleaders, the team obviously, Maine-Endwell and their fans, it was just awesome to see it,” said Waslyn.

While the night was a success before the Indians even took the field, Owego went out and beat division rival and 11th ranked Maine-Endwell.

“We came out firing and we were excited and we wanted to win this game for Traci’s Hope,” said Fabi.

A win on and off the field, the beginning of a new tradition for the Owego Indians.

“I think it is going to continue for years to come, I thought we made a great stepping stone toward something that can go on to be even bigger,” said Fabi.

“A lot of teachers said congratulations and thank you, it was big deal,” said Waslyn.

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