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Five cats dumped in Chenango SPCA parking lot

NORWICH (WBNG) — Five cats were dumped at the Chenango SPCA in Norwich Tuesday and Wednesday staff spoke out about why situations like it are not okay.

An employee at the Chenango SPCA happened to work a later shift Tuesday, and when she rolled into the parking lot, Shelter Manager Kathy Wyder said, “between two staff cars, pushed back, was a crate with five cats in there.”

Wyder says those five cats; three adults and two, four-month-old kittens.

The shelter was planning on taking in several cats from their waiting list before the five were dropped off, leaving it now out of room.

The Chenango SPCA works primarily to take care of strays, but also takes in other cases. If they don’t have room, they’ll place animal owners on a waiting list and provide them with food and other needed items until they have space.

Wyder says dumping animals, however, is not an option.

In cases like this one, she says, “if I adopt a cat, and I have to move, I have to find some place that’s going to let me have that cat, I don’t just throw it in, I don’t find a place that doesn’t let me have my children and get rid of my children, it is exactly the same.”

The shelter says when there are too many cats, they’re forced to make dire decisions like putting animals in hallways.

Currently packed with 180 cats, the Chenango SPCA is a no-kill shelter, for now.

Wyder says situations like this one, however, could change that.

“One shelter cannot do it all, people have to take responsibility.”

If you are interested in adoption, the shelter is always looking for loving and capable families.

It also takes foster families for animals temporarily until a permanent home can be found.

Julia Gorman

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