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Hancock CSD proposes multi-million dollar renovation project

HANCOCK (WBNG) — The Hancock Central School District is proposing an eight million dollar capital project to renovate their facilities.

While that sounds like a lot of money, the district wants to make it clear that the project will have a “zero additional tax impact to local taxpayers”.

The renovations include improving security for exterior and interior doorways, increased video surveillance, and a major update to their computer network and infrastructure. Structural changes include renovating food services and remodeling their bus garage, which has not been updated in 50 years.

“The safe transport to and from home to school is extremely important to us, so the bus garage element is key to this project. Maintaining the ability to transport students safely is a high priority,” said Superintendent Terrance Dougherty.

The proposal plans to use money from three sources: the New York State building aid, capital reserve funds, and money from a surplus in the district’s budget.

“There are no frills and no extras with respect to this project. All items that have been identified have been considered high priority items by the facilities planning committee,” said Dougherty.

The district will be hosting a public hearing and information session on November 25 at 7 p.m. The proposal will be put to vote on December 5.

Katie Jones

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