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Local leaders, authorities speaking up regarding proposed Deposit Police Department cut-backs

(WBNG) – Frustration is rising over a proposed cut to the village of Deposit’s police department.

Tuesday night, a town board meeting saw members of the community raise their concerns over their area losing it’s local law enforcement.

“You’re giving up protection to our community for a dollar sign,” said one woman in attendance. “When did that become alright? When did our society say, ‘hey, it’s okay, we don’t need law enforcement because we’ll let all the dirt bags takeover the community.”

Today local leaders and authorities in Broome and Delaware Counties speaking up on the proposed cuts.

“When taxpayers are looking at a double-digit tax increase, we’ve got to do everything we can to help them,” said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar. “When they need coverage for police, when they need to be protected, we are going to do everything to help them as well.”

Garnar understanding the concerns of those at last night’s meeting in Deposit.

“It’s an important community in Broome County,” Garnar said. “People in Deposit deserve to have police protection just like people in Binghamton, Johnson City, or Endicott do.”

Village mayor Bryan Moore said last night there would not be enough deputies from Delaware County to help in Deposit, but Wednesday, Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond releasing this statement, in part, to 12 News:

“The safety and security of the citizens of Delaware County is my number one priority.The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office also stands willing and ready to assist in this endeavor as the officials involved deem appropriate.”

Residents at the meeting also questioned the authority and power Sheriff’s deputies would have in Deposit.

Broome County Sheriff David Harder saying he will have deputies in the area so long as he receives the proper authorization.

“Right now, we’re limited to the Broome County line,” Sheriff Harder said. “If [the Deposit Police Department] dissolves, we will work out with the village on what we’re going to do, what equipment we are going to keep. By that time we will have authorization from the Village of Deposit to patrol over in that side of the county.”

While the talks of dissolving the department and any plans to see deputies step in to help keep the peace, Garnar is confident a resolution can be worked out.

“I think it’s a win-win,” Garnar said. “We think we can possibly come up with a solution that’s possibly going to cut taxes in Deposit, but at the same time, same coverage if not more coverage out there for people in Deposit.”

Cal Dymowski

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