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Pickup services helping residents properly dispose of fallen leaves

(WBNG) — Many of us really enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves in the fall, but what comes after is a little bit of work.

Local public works officials and highway superintendents help residents make sure fallen leaves are picked up properly so issues don’t arise.

“We pick up for about six weeks. We’ll go from mid-October through to the end of November and pick piles of leaves up. We ask people to put the leaves on the lawn instead of in front of the curb line, because otherwise we get a rain storm, like we did last night, and it clogs our storm drains up,” said Town of Binghamton Highway Superintendent Michael Donahue.

The process is an easy one thanks to the machines used, with only a few people needed to run the process.

“Basically the machine is one big vacuum cleaner. It just sucks them up and then we compost them out,” said Donahue.

A big part of this service is the re-use of the composted leaves in the community, not just automatically disposing of them.

“The people in the town request them. There’s farmers that use them for composting. There’s people that use them on their gardens. Pretty much anybody that wants them,” said Town of Kirkwood Commissioner of Public Works John Finch.

These leaf pickup services are vastly important, not just for the workers, but also the community at large as we get into the winter.

That’s the main focus with these services, making sure one seasonal job is done right so that it doesn’t carry over as a problem into the next season.

“We have to worry about trying to get that fixed, and when it’s in the middle of the winter it’s even harder to do that when the ground is frozen. It’s really a great asset for the town to get the leaves picked up as much as we can,” said Finch.

Damon Matson

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