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Fake $100 bills circulating around Owego, taking hundreds from local businesses

OWEGO (WBNG) — Police in Owego say fraudulent $100 bills have been circulating around the village and more could be out there.

Investigator Rudy Parker with the Owego Police Department says the fake money first popped up at a local boutique last Thursday.

“They had a gentleman that came in the store and passed what they believe was a fraudulent hundred dollar bill,” said Parker.  “Then a second male came in the store and tried to pass a second one hundred dollar bill which they denied and so they all took off very quickly.”

Parker said suspects fled before police could get to them.

The next day, another fake bill hit the Family Dollar a few blocks away.

“But they didn’t realize it was a fake one hundred until they went into the bank to turn in their deposit which the bank spotted it and said this is not a real one hundred dollar bill,” Parker said.

Police believe these bills are actually $1 bills, bleached and reprinted as $100 bills, and therefore will pass the counterfeit pen test.

If you look closely however, the shading from the original bill and newly printed one, doesn’t quite line up.

Parker believes the people behind this string of fake bills are out of our area, but more bills could still be circulating.

Julia Gorman

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