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Families try trick-or-treating inside due to threat of scary weather

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — Some parents in our area brought their children trick-or-treating inside this year due to the threat of scary weather.

Children traded doorbells and porches for airport security and luggage scales as they trick-or-treated at the Greater Binghamton Airport Thursday.

Some parents say they stopped by because of the possible dreary weather.

Mother of two, Lindsey Barton said, “just not knowing what tonight holds, just make sure that we can get them out and enjoy something for Halloween.”

Barton says a night out in the rain could be a parent’s worst nightmare, “cranky kids, them just being tired really quickly and be done by one or two houses.”

Children made their way around the airport collecting candy, packing the small area with costumes of all kinds.

“Everything’s been great, nice little things they’re putting together and lots of great costumes,” said father Clinton Johnson.

Julia Gorman

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