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HAUNTED: Fainting Goat Island Inn

NICHOLS (WBNG) — If you enjoy the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, what better place to spend the scariest night of the year than in the most haunted place in the Southern Tier?

The Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols was recently voted the second most haunted hotel in America by USA Today voters.

Guests have reported weird paranormal activity, including things moving on their own, unexplained smells, and dolls scarier than Chucky!

While the inn’s owner says she doesn’t want to believe it’s haunted, other staff have no such doubts.

“Yes? Yeah, I believe so, I believe things that go on here, definitely unexplainable things,” said Bill Gamble, who has witnessed his fair share of extraterrestrial things at the inn. “It’d be nice to see I guess if you want to call it an entity and verify it, but the things that happen truly are unexplainable.”

The Fainting Goat Island Inn’s owner told 12 News she had no idea the property was haunted when she bought it.

“I was introduced via the river, I was going by on a canoe, and I thought it was beautiful, and I didn’t know it was for sale,” said Marnie Streit.

She said after hearing random footsteps and a knife flew out of the ceiling during renovations, she realized something was different about the place.

Josh Rosenblatt

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