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New website streamlines treatment for substance abuse

(WBNG) — The federal government has launched a new website,, to help individuals searching for substance abuse, access resources they may need.

“This will really allow individuals to really find what’s a good treatment option for them. They can adjust the settings on them, if they’re specifically looking for medication assistant treatment,” said Kylie Holochak, a public health educator with the Tioga County Public Health Department.

The new website makes searching for treatment centers simple. By typing in your zip code, adjusting preferences for what treatment you are searching for, the website will locate facilities closest to you with the exact resources you need.

By putting all this information in one location, those searching for treatment will not have to look far.

“It might just be a Google search, and for that, that’s not all encompassing, you’re not going to find everything right away. It also might be a little stressful going and doing a search, looking for treatment,” said Holochak.

With more than 19 million American adults living with substance abuse disorders, health officials say that not all treatments are the same for each person.

“When it comes to addiction, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ as far as treatment. Every individual is different, everybody’s addiction is different, everyone’s personality is different. What might work for one person might not necessarily work for another,” said Holochak.

The website has additional information on locations, including treatment options, payments, and even accepted insurance.

Katie Jones

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