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Haley Anderson’s parents speak out for the first time after Tercero conviction

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Moments after a Nicaraguan judge handed down her guilty verdict in the Orlando Tercero case, the parents of the woman he’s now convicted of killing are speaking out.

“There was some ease to the heartache and a little bit of conclusion,” Gordon Anderson, Haley Anderson’s father said. “I mean, it’s not over and it’ll always been an emptiness that’s there.”

Haley Anderson’s parents, Gordon and Karen, spoke with 12 News with Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell by their side.

“Today, justice was served as much as it can be,” Cornwell said, adding he was satisfied with the ruling.

Cornwell credited a strong relationship between U.S. and Nicaraguan authorities, the Department of Justice, and State Police, as well as other agencies.

“Although not what we wanted, we wanted to have the trial here, but we saw justice take place in a courtroom on an international stage,” Cornwell said, referring to the fact the case was heard in Nicaragua while Cornwell watched as 17 witnesses testified through live stream video.

The court proceedings, which began October 1, were interrupted by an earthquake Friday.

Haley Anderson was found strangled in Tercero’s bed at his Binghamton apartment in March of 2018.

Prosecutors say Tercero left behind a note saying that he was sorry before getting on a flight at JFK and heading to Nicaragua as he has dual citizenship.

“I don’t know if there’s ever a word for justice because there’s no justice for something as truly, for lack of words, disheartening as this was,” Gordon Anderson said.

Prosecutors focused on Tercero and Anderson’s on-again off-again relationship, arguing Tercero killed her out of jealousy with witnesses saying he was obsessed with her and would often get mad.  One time, they say, he slashed her tires, but she never filed a police report.

“I just kept my faith in the system and keeping my faith in the system proved to be the right thing to do,” Karen Anderson told 12 News.

Haley’s parents praised District Attorney Cornwell and his team, thanked the Nicaraguan judge and all while remembering their daughter by saying a flame has now been put out.

“She was a bubble on a sunshiny day,’ Gordon Anderson said as he began to cry.  “She just made you smile. And she’ll be truly missed.”

Tercero was found guilty of femicide which is known as homicide in the U.S.

He could face a maximum of 30 years in a Nicaraguan prison.

No word right now on when that sentencing will happen.

Tercero has the right to appeal but regardless of that appeal, Tercero still faces a second degree murder charge, and there’s a warrant out for his arrest in Broome County.

Paul Mueller

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