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Two students with Type 1 diabetes share their story

SIDNEY (WBNG) — Two Sidney High School students, Glenn Rogers and Ryan Secor are sharing their journey with Type 1 diabetes.

“Our friendship really got reinforced into a best friend forever deal because of the incident that happened, and him being my mentor and guide through all of this,” said Rogers.

The incident, happened when Glenn was heading to the baseball field for a game. Ryan, who already had Type 1 diabetes, noticed his friend and teammate, Glenn, was fatigued and had lost a lot of weight. Both, a sign of diabetes.

Ryan asked if he could test Glenn on the meter he carries with him. When Glenn was tested, his numbers maxed out the meter, a clear sign that something was wrong.

“At the time, I didn’t know how high his number was, because my meter maxed out at 600, it was somewhere over that,” said Secor.

Ryan’s quick and intuitive thinking changed Glenn’s life forever.

“100 percent my best friend saved my life. Even to this day, I’m so grateful. I’m so thankful that he had the knowledge and he took that opportunity, he wasn’t a bystander,” said Rogers.

During the month of November, which is diabetes awareness month, the two will be selling t-shirts to raise awareness about diabetes.You can purchase a t-shirt on their website.

They say they hope to find a cure some day.

“When you’re informed, you can help somebody who might not be informed. We just want to spread awareness for it, so maybe you can help somebody,” said Secor.

Katie Jones

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