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Temporary bridge in Apalachin creating headaches for homeowners on Long Creek Road

APALACHIN, N.Y. (WBNG) — The Reynolds Family has lived along Long Creek Road in Apalachin for 13 years but they have never got more than a few inches of water in their basement, even in the flood of 2011.

On Halloween night, the Reynolds family says the sluice pipes under a temporary bridge by their home got plugged up and diverted the creek water into their home.

The diversion left four feet of water in their basement.

The Reynolds family say the worst part of it is the lack of accountability from their elected officials.

“I tried to call them, tried to call them, tried to call, tried to call them,” said Steven Reynolds.

“[I got] no answer, no returned call.  We’ve talked to FEMA, we’ve talked to the United Way, we’ve talked to several other people and every time we call the town of Owego, ‘we get he’s busy right now’, or ‘he’s out doing something’ and we never get a call back,” he said.

The Reynolds family says the loss of family heirlooms is the most upsetting fact.

Josh Rosenblatt

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