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Students across Southern Tier honoring veterans ahead of Veterans Day

(WBNG) — With Veterans Day fast approaching, students of all ages across the Southern Tier are honoring the men and women who’ve served our country.

Students at Calvin Coolidge Elementary in Binghamton invited local veterans to school on Friday for a Veterans Day assembly.

The visiting veterans were praised with patriotic poems and songs, and were also thanked for everything they’ve sacrificed for their country.

“I hope that all of the students enjoy learning about veterans and seeing them here today. I think that the veterans, I hope that they feel a sense of appreciation and know that we all appreciate all of the hard work that they went through in their duties, when they were in the armed forces,” explained fourth grade teacher Ann Marie Bogart.

Students at Charles F. Johnson Elementary in Endicott were also showcasing their gratitude on Friday morning, as fourth and fifth grade students took part in the white table ceremony.

The white table specifically honors prisoners of war, as well as servicemen and servicewomen who remain missing in action.

Local veterans also joined the event at CFJ Elementary, including the school’s Assistant Principal, a Marine veteran who says he instills the importance of Veterans Day in his students for many days leading up to November 11th.

“The week leading up to veterans day we meet with them in the morning, and I’ve been talking with them about what veterans day is. The celebration, and how it honors those who are sacrificing their time and their lives to protect and defend our country,” said Assistant Principal Robert Maraski.

The students then joined their teachers and the visiting veterans in reading ‘America’s White Table,’ a book explaining the what the white table, and the decorations it holds, represents.


Dan Conklin

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