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How to keep your skin healthy this winter

VESTAL (WBNG) — As winter approaches and humidity levels drop, many find their skin feeling dry and itchy.

“As we get older our skin looses it’s ability to retain water and so it dries out much more rapidly,” said local dermatologist James Newmark.

Dr. Newmark says there are solutions, including humidifiers and moisturizers.

“One, you can use a humidifier at home to try to keep your in home humidity at about 50% and you can use moisturizers,” Newmark said.

How do you know what is the best moisturizer to use? Newmark says for stubbornly dry skin, creams are better than lotions.

“Creams are richer and thicker and do a better job of occluding the skin and trapping in moisture,” said Newmark.

Another winter tip is to avoid using soap in non essential areas.

“Soap removes a lot of the oils an chemicals that our skin makes to try to protect itself, so try to only use soap in the underarm and groin area and avoid it in dry areas like the arms and the legs,” Newmark said.

While you may think you are helping by licking your lips or wetting your hands, Newmark says you are doing more harm than good.

“By doing that although you’re putting water on for a little bit, a few minutes that water is going to evaporate and your lips are going to get dry,” Newmark said.

Newmark also said that the key to any products you choose to use this winter is consistency.

Jack Arpey

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