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How to sign up for snow removal this winter

(WBNG) — As the weather continues to get colder and rain turns to snow, it becomes more and more important to figure out your plan for snow removal.

The Broome County Office For Aging has a database of vendors willing to provide a snow removal service, and with one phone call you can be connected.

It’s not just for seniors, as everyone can qualify for this service.

The office wanted 12 News to stress that this is not an emergency service, so please try to sign up in advance.

“We really recommend that people kind of set this up before a snowstorm,” said Courtney Cashman, a coordinator for the office for aging. “So get it set up now when the snow is pretty light or non-existent, so that that service, you already have someone scheduled to come when it does snow.”

Unfortunately, this is not a volunteer or a free service, and you have to agree on a fee with a vendor before they will come remove snow.

Josh Rosenblatt

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