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‘Save a Life’ campaign to help raise money for local animal shelter

SIDNEY (WBNG) –  The Delaware Valley Humane Society is asking for the community’s help to keep the shelter up and running.

The shelter’s director, Erin Insigna, says it has been a difficult year for the shelter to keep up with the financial demands of the animals in need of help.

“We have medication we have to purchase for our animals. Food, vet visits, we have to have our animals spayed and neutered so these are all huge costs for our shelter,” said Insigna. “We will be looking for money to get us through to help us support all the animals here.”

Insigna says as the weather gets colder, the number of animals in need will increase and so will the costs to take care of them until the pets are adopted.

“I dread the winters because they are just brutal on animals and all though we have a lot of humane laws we don’t have a lot of people in enforce these laws so the animals will suffer,” said Insigna.

The shelter is turning to the Staffworks Fund Save a Life campaign to help raise money to keep their mission alive.

“This is money to keep our doors open,” said Insigna. “It’s just a spectacular thing to think about all of that money that Anita, who is in charge of the staff works fund has given back to non-for-profit animal shelters. I think it’s amazing.”

During the month of December, every donation the shelter receives will be matched dollar for dollar by Staffworks Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Community Foundation.

This means the shelter can raise double the money to save more animals.

“If anyone has ever considered donated to a shelter, that’s the time to do it. Because if you give me $20, it will be $40. If you give me $1,000, it will be $2,000 and that adds up overtime. We have the opportunity to make a lot of money for our shelter,” said Insigna.

The shelter believes every step can go a long way to help dogs and cats get the love they deserve.

The campaign begins on December 3 and ends on December 31. During this time-frame, you can donate directly to the Delaware Valley Humane Society by clicking here.

Insigna says the donations cannot be cash and must be check or credit card instead.

Tyler Brown

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