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Pica-Torres sentenced 70 years to life for murder, attempted murder, and arson

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Wilfredo Pica-Torres, convicted in an attack and fire that left one man dead and a woman badly beaten, was sentenced Friday in Broome County Court.

Pica-Torres was convicted in August for murdering 61-year-old Victor Banayan, beating 27-year-old Heather Stroup, and then setting a Binghamton home on fire in February 2019. He stood before the judge Friday morning, silent as Stroup and family members of Victor Banayan said their final words to the convicted killer.

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Heather Stroup, who had relationships with both Pica-Torres and Banayan, was four months pregnant with Pica-Torres’s child when she was brutally beaten after threatening to leave the relationship. She said in court, “Victor did absolutely nothing to deserve what you did to him…I did nothing to deserve my life to be almost taken that night as well.”

Meanwhile, Banayan’s daughter walked in front of the judge, saying, “For weeks following my dad’s murder, every time I close my eyes, I picture the image of my dads lifeless body burning in a fire or the image of him getting brutally beaten.”

Never saying a word and keeping his head low, Pica-Torres learned his fate of 70 years to life in prison.

Pica-Torres was sentenced on multiple counts:

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