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BCSO says when hunting in trees, safety starts at the ground

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — The Broome County Sheriff’s Office says when you’re hunting up in a tree, safety starts at the ground.

This comes after a tree-related hunting incident in the town of Hancock sent one man to the hospital Sunday.

The BCSO says there’s plenty to worry about before you get ready to shoot.

Sergeant Dennis Rowlands said, “75 percent of injuries that hunters get from hunting in a tree stand are from climbing up and then climbing back down from the tree stand.”

He said if you’re hunting in a tree, you want to pick a quality piece of timber; vertical, no limbs, and live, not dead.

Rowlands said a full body harness should be your top focus and wearing one will keep you from hitting the ground if you slip or fall.

“If you wear the harness and apply the tether to the tree correctly, you should only fall a matter of inches.”

Rowlands said hunters also often end up injured when installing or removing their tree stand, so you still want to wear your harness then as well.

Once you’re in your tree stand, he said, “pay attention to your behavior in the tree stand and you have to use caution at all times and be aware of your positioning in the tree stand and your feet on the platform of the tree stand and you just kind of have to exercise cautions at all times up in the tree stand.”

Other tips include having a cell phone on you that has service where you’re hunting.

Plus, someone should know where you are and who you’re with.

Julia Gorman

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