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Wegmans hauls in thousands of turkeys for customers ahead of Thanksgiving

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — As customers pack Wegmans throughout the holiday season, the employees are continuously putting their turkeys in a row.

Inching closer to the big holiday, Wegmans employees say they prepared two weeks ahead of time to get as many turkeys on the shelves for customers buying early this year.

Service Area Manager, Rusty Dewing, says he’s been working at the Johnson City location for more than 29 years and every year around Thanksgiving, the store gets packed.

“It’s just crazy. It’s bumper to bumper in here sometimes those days,” said Dewing. “People come in two, three times a week.”

Dewing says they bring in thousands of turkeys, but those birds don’t just fly into the store and put themselves on the shelves. The employees have to work hard to lift their heavy weight, even warming up to make sure they don’t strain any muscles.

Dewing smiled, explaining, “We do all sorts of stretching. No seriously we do everyday, we do micro-stretches. We don’t have the same person do it all the time, so that’s easier on them physically.”

In his 29 years, Dewing says the best advice is to get your turkey as soon as possible, but of course Wegmans is available for what you may need leading up to the holiday.

Anne Sparaco

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