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Broome County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scams

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — It’s International Fraud Week and the Broome County Sheriff’s Office is advising everyone to be on the lookout for scams. Phone scams are among the most common types of fraud, particularly those targeting the elderly.

“Somebody calls up and poses as a family member. It’s usually a grandson or a niece or a nephew, something of that nature, and they talk the older person into sending them money,” said Captain Kate Newcomb of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

Often times, the caller encourages the victim not to contact anyone else about the call.

“They try to prey on the emotional aspect. They try to prey on them, they want them to feel sorry for them and they don’t want them to do anything that will get them into trouble,” said Newcomb.

Newcomb says it’s always best to contact your family members to confirm that the relative is actually in need of help. When it comes to charities and requests for donations, Newcomb says play by the same rules.

“Again, before they ever spend any money or punch in a credit card they should research it first and ensure that it’s a legitimate company or agency or PBA,” Newcomb said.

If you feel that you have encountered one of these scams, Newcomb says to contact law enforcement immediately.

“They should report that because local law enforcement does track these calls and we work together in an effort to solve these cases,” said Newcomb.

Newcomb also says to never give your credit card number or social security number to anyone over the phone.

Jack Arpey

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