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Local Businesses Worry about impact of Rumble Ponies decision

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Businesses in the area surrounding NYSEG stadium are worried about what it would mean for business if the Rumble Ponies cease to exist.

“I think it has a direct negative impact on people’s businesses throughout the downtown, close by the stadium,” said Mark Yonaty, a local real estate developer.

Yonaty said his businesses including Scoopy Dooby are among those he said he believes will be impacted.

“We actually have a parking lot that is directly adjacent to the stadium so it will affect the parking there,” Yonaty said. “We recently opened up an ice cream shop which is right next door and the only ice cream shop next to the stadium so I think it will have an impact on that for sure.”

Other business owners like Anthony Di Rienzo of Di Rienzo Brothers Bakery and Deli don’t think it will have as much of an effect because they are open earlier in the day.

“We close at 5:30 and the games are usually later,” Di Rienzo said. “But on the weekends we pick up a little from the games.”

He said that even though he isn’t concerned for his business, as a member of the Binghamton community he is worried.

“It’s the best thing that happened to us all these years,” he said of the Rumble Ponies. “They’ve been doing good.”

Gabrielle Caracciolo

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