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Local leaders and team owner going to bat for the Rumble Ponies

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Today, Rumble Ponies team owner John Hughes and local officials came together to address Major League Baseball’s proposal to take baseball away from Binghamton.

Mayor Rich David and State Senator Fred Akshar were outraged today, expressing strong opposition to MLB’s proposal. State Senator Akshar repeatedly claimed that it all comes down to Major League owners being greedy, and said despite being from different political persuasions as Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Anthony Brindisi, he is imploring everyone from different levels of government to rally together to fight this battle.

“”What this baseball team means to this community, it goes without saying. It’s incredible what it does for our economy, what it does for the spirit of people who live here. And the fact that a group of millionaires and billionaires can make this random decision to upend communities is ridiculous. And that’s highly problematic that that much greed could upend communities just like ours throughout this nation,” said State Senator Akshar.

Mayor Rich David echoed this sentiment, adding that the millions of dollars invested into NYSEG Stadium was a proactive approach to avoid losing professional baseball in Binghamton.

“The people of the city of Binghamton kept their word to Minor League Baseball. We cannot have this moving strike zone if you will, of standards and compliance. We are at full compliance right now, and in the future if Minor League Baseball or Major League baseball comes to an agreement that says there are additional things that need to be met, we will work to address those,” said Mayor David.

Owner John Hughes remains confident that the Rumble Ponies are in a good position, and says he is grateful for the support he’s received in the past few days.

“It’s more than humbling and I would take it another step and say it’s inspiring. It makes you want to join in the fight and fight for all these people here that love baseball and love what it stands for in this community. This is a call to action for the people in Binghamton all across the state of New York and America to join in the fight to let your local elected officials know and MLB know that you support hometown baseball for America,” said Hughes.

Meetings will be held in the next few weeks to further discuss this matter. Hughes says he expects negotiations to take some time. Despite having a contract running through the 2022 season, it is all subject on having a Public Baseball Agreement (PBA) in place, which expires at the end of the 2020 season.

12 Sports reached out to the Mets, and they referred us to Major League Baseball. We reached out to Major League Baseball and are waiting on a response.

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