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Sidney woman praises officer for helping save her infant son

SIDNEY (WBNG) – A Sidney woman says she is grateful after a local police officer helped save her child’s life.

On November 15, Cheyenne Strong says her five-week-old son Jaxston was struggling to breathe so she called 911.

“We went to the hospital and they released him after a few hours,” said Strong. “They think it’s an upper respiratory infection to where he can’t clear out his lungs and his nostrils by himself.”

But Strong says hours after the family returned home, Jaxston continued to struggle breathing. She says she dialed 911 again as she stood outside on November 16, once again waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Strong claims EMS took nearly 20 minutes to get to her home the first time and she was worried another 20 could be too late.

Sidney Police Officer Brandon Parry says he received the emergency call and drove straight to Strong’s home in four minutes.

“Sidney EMS was unavailable. They were on other calls so I responded immediately,” said Parry. “I arrived outside and the mother was outside, frantic screaming, and I then approached her. I noticed the baby was posturing, clinching his fist, was blue and wasn’t breathing at that time,” said Parry.

After attempting to help the baby breathe, Officer Parry made the quick decision to drive the baby and his mother to the hospital himself.

“He took Jaxston from me. He tried getting him to respond but he was still unresponsive so he said ‘We need to go now!’ ‘We need to go to the hospital’,” said Strong.

Jaxston received the emergency care he needed and his mother says it all thanks to officer Parry’s quick thinking.

“I just feel like if he didn’t come. Something more bad could have happened if we waited for the ambulance,” said Strong.

Officer Parry says it’s all in a days work.

“That’s why I do this job. That’s why I come into work every day. I do this to help people,” said Officer Parry.

Tyler Brown

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