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Ithaca Tompkins Airport opens 25-year-old time capsule found in terminal

ITHACA (WBNG) – A local airport found quite the discovery during the beginning of it’s $35 million renovation project.

Airport officials say a time capsule dating back to 1994 was found inside a terminal that was torn down as part of the project.

“Ithaca goes back a long ways back in the aviation business. 25 years ago we built a new terminal and that new terminal served as well through 9/11,” said the airport director, Mike Hall. “We found the capsule with a backhoe and that was exciting because 25 years ago, the legislature and members of the community packed this box with memorabilia.”

The box was filled with local treasures from that time including magazines, a long Wegmans receipt and a pamphlet from the Pyramid Mall or what is now called Shops at Ithaca.

“It’s really fun to go back and see a full sized copy of the Ithaca Journal for instance,” said Hall.

“There was other things like the ribbon from the ribbon cutting ceremony. There were lots of old newspapers and Sky Mall magazine and to look through all the products from 1994, it was outrageous, outrageous things that people thought were cool,” said content marketing manager Adrianne Torea.

With the renovation near completion, a new time capsule is also in the works that will include items from 1994 and 2019.

“There’s a lot of really fun suggestions like Ithaca Flower Power, a popular beer in Ithaca, another Wegmans receipt, an Iphone, map of Tompkins County and the waterfront development because that’s something that is happening right now and will definitely be very different in the future,” said Torea.

Airport officials say as they are a couple of week away from the grand opening, the new capsule will be inserted in the new airport by January.

They add they are still taking suggestions for the new capsule and you can put your input on their Facebook page.

Tyler Brown

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