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Binghamton University schedules hunt to cull deer herd

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) — The nature preserve at Binghamton University will be closed as bowhunters cull the deer herd in a one-day controlled hunt.

Only permitted hunters will be allowed on the preserve grounds on Saturday. This is the second year officials have allowed bowhunters to thin the herd.

The university says overpopulation of deer has hurt the preserve’s ability to support a healthy ecosystem. Officials say no seedlings survive to replace fallen trees and several species of ground-nesting birds are no longer found in the preserve.

The university’s deer management plan says research suggests there should be only 15 to 20 deer in the preserve to allow the forest to thrive, but there are about 260.

No more than 50 deer will be allowed to be removed on Saturday.

Associated Press

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