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Johnson City residents help each other dig out

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Johnson City residents dig out after severe weather

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) - In Johnson City, digging out after severe weather is a team effort.

"I have a son and a neighbor who do most of the heavy stuff I try to take it easy although I work a little bit harder than both of them," said Binghamton resident Ron Mitchell.

Neighbors coming together to help each other clear those sidewalks safely.

"I was in the midst of shoveling and a neighbor from up the street came by and cleared out my entire driveway," said Lewis Freeman of Johnson City.

Ron Mitchell says he makes it a point to help his landscaping customers with their snow removal.

"I have a lot of landscape customers and a lot of them are elderly so they ask me to do the driveway in the winter," Mitchell said.

Johnson City native Mike Pichura recently moved back to the village from Liverpool, NY and says as far as this week's storm, he's seen worse.

"I lived in Liverpool for nine years and I shoveled a lot of snow up there so this snow here is a piece of cake," Pichura said.

So much so that Pichura says that he shoveled out multiple neighbors in both directions.

"I clear the sidewalk three houses up the street, six houses down the street, the sidewalk, the side of the house and then I go up Coleville about six houses," said Pichura.

All to help out his neighbors, something Pichura says we could use more of in today's world.

"I think people have to help each other, you see very little of that anymore," Pichura said.

Neighbors coming together to look after each other during this week's severe weather.

Jack Arpey

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