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Tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree and maintaining it throughout the holiday

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Picking Christmas Trees

TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) -- 12 News spoke with a local Christmas tree expert Thursday who shared all the tips for picking out your tree and maintaining it this holiday.

Owner of Sunny Hill Tree Farm Mike Kodey has been selling Christmas trees for decades.

When it comes to picking out your tree, he said before you head out, measure your ceiling height for the room your tree is going in.

When it comes to types of trees, Kodey recommended firs over spruces. He said this type has soft, short needles that stay on the tree for a long time.

When it comes to picking the perfect size or shape, he said it's really up to the customer, some prefer shorter, taller, wider or thinner.

"If they are down there having a good time and they get the ugliest tree on the farm, they're enjoying it, I'm glad they got it," said Kodey.

He said a good trick to tell how freshly cut your tree is is to slide a branch through your hands and see how many needles you end up with in your palm. If you end up with lots of needles in your hand, the tree isn't as freshly cut.

Once your tree is home, Kodey recommended keeping it in the garage overnight to melt off the snow and dry out before bringing it inside.

Once your tree is ready to be brought inside, cut a half an inch off the bottom to open the pores of the tree. This will allow more water to come in, keeping the tree fresh.

After you have your tree in its tree stand, make sure you give your tree plenty of lukewarm, tap water, keeping the bottom wet at all times.

Julia Gorman

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