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Benefits of real Christmas trees

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Real Christmas trees

WINDSOR (WBNG) -- 'Tis the season for the great debate, real Christmas trees or fake ones?

While they both have their perks, real trees have more benefits than you probably realize.

Going to cut down your own Christmas tree is a practice for many during the holiday season.

"As far as people coming to get them, they come, they bring the family, and they have the tradition of going. We now see grandkids that are coming to come get the trees," said Morgan Hillside Tree Farm owner Deanna Morgan.

Year after year, it never gets old. When you step onto the Morgan Hillside Tree Farm, you're actually hit with a breath of fresh air. And that's no coincidence.

"Every acre provides 18 people with oxygen on a daily basis. So we have 20 acres, that's 360," said Morgan.

That same one acre removes 500 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year. But that's not the only way these trees are helping the environment.

After Christmas is over, they don't sit in landfills.

"It takes up to a thousand years for a fake Christmas tree to degrade. These are biodegradable, they're gone in no time," said Morgan.

Real trees can be reused for other purposes.

"The tree doesn't always grow perfect so we harvest those greens to make wreaths," she said. "In Windsor they collect them, then they recycle them by chipping them, then they line paths with them."

They also help out wildlife through the cold months.

"Our tree is 15 feet tall. And we'll take it and we'll put little pine cones with peanut butter and whatever else to feed the animals most of the winter through," said Morgan.

Just growing a real tree helps the earth, preventing soil erosion.

"With this, they help to kind of filter the water as it's going down so it's not taking all of the good sediment out of the ground as it goes," she said.

And besides all of these benefits to the environment, a real Christmas tree can help you out too.

"A lot of people don't realize, they relieve stress, they relieve anxiety, and they can help relieve depression. What happens this time of year? Stress, anxiety, and depression. And it makes a big difference, just that smell alone can help people in those little aspects," said Morgan.

Morgan says real trees also help out the local economy, providing jobs on tree farms, especially during the holiday season.

So when you're thinking about getting a Christmas tree this year --

"Go green! Keep it real!" says Morgan.

Annie Flaherty

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