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Xavier Hill – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) - "We wanted to set the tone and let everyone know that JC, we're the real team," said Johnson City senior Xavier Hill.

40 points, 32 points, 28 points, a dominant last three games for Xavier Hill.

"I've been feeling pretty good, together we have been playing really good and my teammates get me a lot of open looks that's why," said Hill.

"He's not just leading in points, I think that is the biggest part of his game that has gotten a lot better he is currently leading in assists, rebounds and blocked shots," said Johnson City head coach Bill Spalik.

In the process becoming the second highest scorer in the history of Johnson City basketball.

"There's a lot of really good players and to be a part of that club feels amazing," said Hill.

With three years under his belt, Hill has a strong resume at Johnson City, but after losing in the state quarterfinals last year he has his eyes set on one thing.

"This year I am looking to win the whole thing," said Hill.

"He's already got two sectional championships under his belt which is also nice to be able to leave that type of legacy behind with the chance to make it three this year if we continue to play well," said Spalik.

The game of basketball means a whole lot more to him than personnel success,

"I want to get everyone collectively better, get everyone scoring every game and just win I don't really care about my stats," said Hill.

"He definitely leads by example of his play on the court, He is a pretty quiet kid when he is off the court but on the court he works really hard in practice he works really hard at it and I think that it becomes contagious and everybody else kind of picks up on it," said Spalik.

Making sure to take in each and every moment of his final year playing in a gym he has a spent countless hours during his time as a Wildcat.

"Like it takes everything away from the outside world it's like the getaway from everything else," said Hill.

Learning life lessons in the process that go way beyond the court.

"When I was a freshman I would want to score the ball every time and try to shine but it's really not about that it is about working together," said Hill.

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