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Local resident wins big on The Price is Right

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price is right
Local resident wins big on The Price is Right

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) -- When Tom Docalavich and his wife were planning a west coast vacation, tickets to the hit game show, The Price is Right, were just a small part of the trip.

Little did they know, Tom would go on to become a winning contestant on the show.

"You never think you're going to get picked, you never think it's real. I didn't think it was real until today," said Docalavich.

Tom made his way to the big stage after betting $1,801 as the price of two laptops. He narrowly scored the closest bet, with his competitor bidding $1,800.

After making it on stage, Tom played the crowd-favorite of Plinko, to move onto the next round.

"They lifted the curtain there was Plinko, and my heart just fell to my feet. I couldn't believe I got the special game," said Docalavich.

Tom went on to score 85 cents by spinning the famous wheel, securing him one of two spots in the final showcase round. He was offered to guess the price of an outdoor tent, fire pit, furniture, and a brand new car. Tom placed a bet of $26,500, in hopes of scoring big.

What was the actual price of the set? $26,733 was the winning number, less than $250 off from what Tom had guessed. According to The Price is Right rules, that close of a bid would earn him a second showcase, with trips to Finland, Jamaica, and a second brand new car.

"Everything, I won everything. I was hugging the models," said Docalavich.

What's the secret to his astonishingly accurate guess? He says, the answer was right above him.

"I looked up, and somebody told me to bid $26,500. I heard that from a [family] member that had passed away, God's honest truth," said Docalavich.

Tom and his family took home nearly $70,000 in prizes. The family calls the win, a blessing.

"It was so surreal. It was the greatest thing I've ever been on," said Docalavich.

Katie Jones

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