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Emily Dempsey and Reese Vaughan – 12 Sports Athletes of the Week

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Emily Dempsey and Reese Vaughan are our 12 Sports Athletes of the Week.

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) - "Me and Emily have been through it all together."

The Seton girls are coming off a loss in the state championship game and losing two seniors to division one colleges.

"Me and Reese have been able to do a lot more and take a lot more responsibility along with Marasia so that has helped us all a lot," said Seton senior Emily Dempsey

Emily Dempsey and Reese Vaughn have made sure the Saints haven't missed a beat as one of the best teams in Class B.

"Everyone thinks like okay they aren't good anymore, they don't have anyone but I think that is what is motivating us to do good," said Seton junior Reese Vaughan

On Friday, Vaughan returned from injury and both her and Dempsey led Seton to a big win over Windsor.

"We all played together as a team since I was coming back and everyone was excited and our energy was perfect for the game," said Vaughan.

"We just have a lot to step up to we have big expectations being that we won a lot the last few years and we just want to stay with those expectations," said Dempsey.

A dynamic duo that has been together through thick and thin.

"Since I moved here in 5th grade great we've been the same team since then except for the one year I went to Seton and she didn't," said Dempsey.

"And we've been on the team as partners and everything since then so it's been like four years," said Vaughan.

A bond that can be seen nightly on the court.

"We're always looking for each other and bouncing off of each other," Vaughan.

"We're really close especially on the court we have a lot of chemistry," said Dempsey.

A bond that thrives off the court.

"We're great friends off the court too," said Vaughan.

For Dempsey, this is her final season in a Seton uniform and with both girls having a state championship under their belt they are enjoying their final season together because as Dempsey would say,

"Tecnically, I've done it all."

She would be right.

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