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Kirkwood resident looking for birth certificate getting answers after nearly sixty years

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JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) -- For nearly six decades Kirkwood resident Darlene Snyder has been fighting to see her pre-adoption birth certificate.

"I was adopted March 15, 1963," Snyder said. "I have not been able to get the answers I wanted so today was huge, I can't wait to read it," she said.

Now thanks to a new Law in New York State, Snyder is finally getting those answers.

"It's piece of mind and It's closure," Snyder said. "I had asked and asked my whole life and not gotten the answers" she said.

For Snyder, getting those answers meant finding out who her biological parents were, and her last name.

"I can have a last name, I can have my parents names if it's all on there, and I'll be happy, I'll be at peace," she said

Local genealogist Joe Titti says that the law is an important step for more than just peace of mind.

"Putting together your true family history is important from an ethnic standpoint yes, but also from a medical standpoint it's going to help identify potential problems," Titti said.

On the other hand Titti says, there was a reason the documents were previously sealed.

"I'm thinking about this woman that for some reason she got pregnant, and then later got married," Titti said. "Does she want her present husband to know about this situation?" he said

Snyder says that she understands this to an extent.

"I understand that but you should have this information, this is who you are, this is where you started," she said.

Snyder says now that the new law has passed, she is thinking about others who have shared her struggle, hoping that today they share her excitement.

"It's a huge day and I'm really excited about it and I hope that everyone else that's searching for this is excited as well," she said.

The Johnson City Municipal Office tells 12 News that once you apply for your birth certificate, it will take several business days for them to verify your documents.

Jack Arpey

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