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When active weather approaches, several agencies coordinate to keep you safe

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- When flakes start to fly or thunder roars, several agencies are prepared to inform as many as possible about the impending weather.

It all starts with the weather forecast itself. This this time of year, snow is the main concern.

"Is it going to be a heavy wet snow, a light fluffy snow, lots of blowing and drifting? You know, the character of the storm so that they can make decisions to keep people safe depending on their role and their agency," said Warning Coordination Meteorologist with NWS Binghamton David Nicosia.

From there, emergency managers start to make their decisions.

"When it gets outside the scope of what individual agencies can do, then the emergency management office will help coordinate that and make sure that we're sharing information and helping fill resource requests," said Broome County Emergency Services Director Michael Ponticello.

Finally, media partners jump in to send out these decisions and warnings to the public as quickly as possible.

"We kind of go from there. I think a lot of people still get their weather information from the TV or from our web page. So again, we put our forecast together. The National Weather Service, if the storm meets the criteria, they issue the advisories, the warnings. Then we disseminate from that," said Storm Track 12 Meteorologist Brian Schroeder.

When Mother Nature acts up on the weekends, thinking ahead is the key for all agencies.

"It's more about pre-planning those resources and scheduling them. So it's not during the week where there's admin staff here to just easily surge. It's making sure that over the weekend we're fully staffed," said Ponticello.

By staying up to date on what's going on, meteorologists, emergency managers, and media partners can achieve the main goal.

"All of us work together to get the information that people need to make the right decisions and keep safe," said Nicosia.

Damon Matson

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