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Binghamton business owner in need of new kidney

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Anthony's service

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Anthony's Service, a gas station and auto shop on Main Street in Binghamton, has been in business since the 1950's.

Now its owner is asking for help, from the community he's served for decades.

Mike Anthony and his brothers worked at the shop after school growing up, while his father ran it.

"Most of the people from the west side know who we are and come to us," said Anthony.

For the past 25 years or so, Mike has been an owner, allowing him to grow with his customers and the community.

"A lot of the customers that we've got there, some of them, their parents came to us and now they keep coming," he said.

But when Mike learned he had kidney disease, his everyday life changed.

"My kidneys are not functioning at the proper level that they're supposed to be and at some point they're going to be, I'll be on dialysis because they won't be functioning at all. We're getting close to that point now," he said.

Now he's asking that same community he's known and loved his whole life, to rally around him and help.

"If I could get a transplant for someone, then I'll be in really good shape," he said.

"This is a very close, tight-knit community and they are very helpful when something happens, the whole community comes together and helps," said his wife, Cindy Anthony. "We are getting down to the wire now where his kidney function is down to 13 percent. Where a year ago it was 23 percent."

There's no question it's been tough. Mike has been called twice for a transplant, but both kidneys weren't good enough. Despite that, Mike is holding onto hope.

"Oh yeah, you can get a call from them at any time that there might be a kidney. Or somebody might come forward and say they might want to donate a kidney," he said.

He and his family are praying that call comes sooner, rather than later.

"People die waiting. And so many people die, I've been looking on the website yearly, I mean hundreds waiting for a kidney," said Cindy Anthony.

It's a loss they've experienced before, when a loved one, Michael Castelli died waiting for a liver transplant.

"I don't think our family could go through that again," said Cindy Anthony.

But with this community, they have a good feeling someone will step in.

If you are able to help, click this link to fill out a questionnaire for Michael Anthony.

You can also email or call the transplant team at Upstate University Hospital at (315)464-5413 and mention Mike's name.

Annie Flaherty

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