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The Ramil Sister Bond

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The Ramil sisters share an inseparable bond playing together at Binghamton.

VESTAL (WBNG) - "We're coming and we're coming strong," said Binghamton sophomore Annie Ramil.

In the America East two of the conference's leading rebounders play right here in Binghamton.

"You have to be strong, you really have to be strong in this conference," said Ramil.

Both are a part of the Bearcats starting five.

"We had a really successful non-conference and we're just pushing ahead in conference," said Binghamton junior Olivia Ramil.

And both players share the same last name.

"I think our telepathic sister sense is actually pretty good," said Annie.

"It's special, Annie, she's always pushing me and I'm always pushing Annie," said Olivia.

Sharing a bond on the court.

"We have grown mentally, we know where each other is going to be we know where to cut, I know Olivia is open right when I get the ball," said Annie.

"Always being honest with each other and I think that is how I got to where I am today and I think it is a piece of where Annie is right now," said Olivia.

And an even stronger bond off the court.

"She's dependable, she's ride or die and it's a great characteristic to have with her being my sister, I can always lean on her," said Olivia.

"We go home and we talk about basketball but then we talk about school and everything and she is able to help me and I help her and it's a lot of fun," said Annie.

The two have made an impact on each others lives that truly defines the sisterhood the Ramil's share.

"Just when I mess up I get hard on myself and Olivia is always there to say forget it you are going to do good next time," said Annie.

"She has a different perspective on life, she's always smiling she's always looking on the brighter side of things and I think that is really what she is passing on to me," said Olivia.

With only a year and half left to relish playing on the same team together, these sisters won't take this time together for granted.

The Binghamton women host Stony Brook Wednesday at 7:05 p.m.

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