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Local leaders react to impeachment trial

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(WBNG) - Representatives from both sides of the aisle are speaking out Tuesday as the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins.

New York's 23rd District congressman Tom Reed supports President Trump. He cites a strong economy during his administration.

"We have not had a an economy like this ever in my lifetime, and historically I'd put this economy up against any economy," Reed said.

The republican representative said Trump has given a voice to voters within his party and helped integrate influential policies.

"The opportunity to spread the Republican message, the conservative message, and implement that into policies," Reed said. "When that policy is implemented, you get the lowest unemployment rate in our lifetime, the lowest unemployment rate for minority groups, for women."

Reed was vocal about his opposition towards the impeachment trial.

"Impeachment is the tool of last resort. It is the nuclear option," Reed said. "To have it politicized in this manner, in my humble opinion, is dangerous long term, and it's something we'll just have to leave it up to the people to decide whether or not it's appropriate."

Democratic congressman Anthony Brindisi from New York's 22nd District voted for impeachment back in December, and told 12 News his decision was a tough one, but honest.

"I felt that it was a very difficult decision," Brindisi said. "I felt we had to follow the rule of law and I had to follow my conscious. Having said that, I'm going to continue to work with this administration."

The representative said the only way for a fair outcome in the trial is a simple one.

"I think the integrity of it is very important. I think most of the country wants to see a fair and open process," Brindisi said. "They'd like to hear from witnesses, if there are additional documents out there, they should be able to see them as well. Hopefully this can be resolved in a judicious manner."

Cal Dymowski

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