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Rescued dogs on the road to recovery and adoption

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Rescue Dog

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- After being rescued from terrible living conditions, 20 dogs were taken to the Delaware Valley Humane Society for treatment.

However, the facility they were taken to could not accept all the dogs. So, the Broome County Humane Society stepped in to help.

"They're a very small shelter, they don't have a ton of space," explains Broome County Humane Society Executive Director Karen Matson.

"What we all do best is network with one another, and they basically said 'hey do you have space'? 'So we said absolutely," she says.

The Broome County Humane Society traveled to the Delaware Valley Humane Society to accept the dogs. Seven of the dogs came to Binghamton, in varying conditions.

"So far they're good, they're a little shy, you know, in a little bit of shell shock," says Matson.

"They got here, a lot of them are underweight. Some of them have some visible wounds, some health conditions," Matson says.

Humane Society workers have started medical treatments on the pups to put them on the road toward adoption.

"They get a routine course of flea treatment, de-wormers, and we just kind of get them stabilized. Then, beyond that, we monitor them for any other health conditions and we get them scheduled for their spays and neuters. Basically, if they're deemed healthy by the veterinarian, then we put them up for adoption," Matson told 12 News.

Once medically cleared, putting each dog in a much better situation is the reward for all the work.

"When they go into homes, many adopters come back and say this is the best animal I've ever adopted. So that's the rewarding piece for us, that we know these animals, they know, they have an intuition that this is going to be better," says Matson.

With all that energy and cuteness, these furry friends will go from rescues to new homes in no time.

Damon Matson

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