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Local contractor gets use out of new landscaping service app amid winter storm

(WBNG) -- As a winter storm hit the Southern Tier Friday, one local contractor says he used a new app to connect his business with residents to help with snow removal.

12 News recently reported on the app called "Plowz and Mowz" that originated in Syracuse and expanded to the Southern Tier. Landscaping businesses have joined the app.

One local company owner, Dustin Grassi, says he recently started using it and so far, has created more efficient business for him.

"It's kind of Uber for if you need your driveway plowed," said Grassi. "If there's a driveway close by, then you can hit three or four driveways in one neighborhood…than just go there for one driveway. It's just efficient. You get more done at once."

Grassi started his own business called DSG General Contractors LLC about a year ago and says it's not easy work managing all the customers, which the app helps. In addition to the snow plow services and more, Grassi tends to go the extra mile for people in the community.

"I'll help pull people out of a ditch if they're in a ditch. I'll stop and plow people's driveways without them asking because I see they're stuck and can't get out of it," said Grassi.

You can learn more about Plowz and Mowz here.

Anne Sparaco

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