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The secrets to making special Valentine’s Day chocolates

OWEGO (WBNG) -- At Fuddy Duddy's Confectionary, chocolatiers have been hard at work making all of the Valentine's Day candy.

When it comes to love and chocolate, owner of Fuddy Duddy's, Steve Cruty, says they're pretty much the same.

"I recently read research that studied people who are in love and the reaction you get from eating candy, chocolates, and they're all hitting on the same pleasure centers and wine is not that far off either, so I think that wine, chocolate, love, and Valentine's Day all go together," said Cruty.

Cruty says all of the sweet treats in his shop are handmade, which makes it better for the community to support local businesses.

12 News was able to learn how to make some fun treats. The chocolatiers say the more popular ones are the chocolate covered strawberries and the truffles.

They say the key to good sweets is what they call, "dazzling," or rather, drizzling pink or white icing and making a fun pattern.

Fuddy Duddy's says now that Valentine's Day is over, they are already preparing for the Easter holiday.

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