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Village of Deposit has a police problem; here’s the solution

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(WBNG) - After months of not knowing, the village of Deposit finally has answer to their police department issue.

Last January, the village voted in favor of abolishing the village's police department, leaving many residents and town board members curious as to where protection in the community would come from.

Now, the Broome County Sheriff's Office is stepping in, as sheriff David Harder announced today that the BCSO will station one full-time deputy in Deposit to help oversee the community.

There's always somebody out there on patrol that can respond, it may take them five minutes longer or something, but they're going to be in the area," Harder said.

The deputy will take over officially on March 1st.

Joining the sheriff in the announcement was Broome County Executive Jason Garnar and Deposit mayor Bryan Moore, both of which are excited about the move.

They are getting a world -class police department coming into their village," Garnar said. "You won't see a beat missed out there."

For Moore, the decision to abolish the Deposit police department wasn't easy, but the tax benefits played a factor.

Village taxpayers will save over $200,000 per year with the new policing situation, with a 22 percent tax deductible going back to them as well.

"We felt like that was the only fair thing to do, to give it all back to the people," Moore said. "Like all small communities, we struggle with business, and things are starting to turn around for us. We're hoping that with getting a huge property tax deduction that that will draw people into us."

Moore told 12 News he believes the village's police force decision will influence other smaller communities like Deposit.

"I think this sets an example for how communities are going to have to move forward," Moore said. "Small communities have got to start thinking outside the box because with the new state mandates and such, there's no way around it."

But in the end, Moore is happy his area is getting what he thinks they need: a quality service at a reasonable price.

"What we're paying for is a dedicated patrol in the village," Moore said.

The village will pay the BCSO $60,000 to contract their services.

Harder added the sheriff's office will be looking to add new equipment and resources to help keep up the safety standards in Deposit.

Cal Dymowski

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