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New York State Lawmakers hold Local Roads Matter Rally

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Local Roads Matter Rally

ALBANY (WENY/WBNG)- On Wednesday, Senator Tom O'Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano held their 8th annual "Local Roads Matter" rally in Albany.

Many State highway superintendents from across New York State were there to push for better quality roads, bridges and culverts.

Earlier this week, lawmakers sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo to try and increase funding for local roads, bridges and culverts.

They're also calling for a restoration of $65 million cut that the Governor proposed in his budget to the "Extreme Winter Recovery" program, which also goes to local municipalities. Assemblyman Palmesano says they are requesting this for a number of reasons.

"87 percent of the roads in New York State are only maintained by our local municipalities. 52 percent of the 18,000 bridges are only maintained by our local municipalities and 48 percent of the miles driven, are driven on our local roads," says Assemblyman Palmesano.

Senator James Seward, who represents Oneonta, was there as well.

In a press release Seward stated,

Local roads, bridges, and culverts are the foundation of our state’s infrastructure and the numbers bear that out.  Every time you leave your house, chances are high that you are doing most of your traveling on a local road maintained by dedicated county, town, and village transportation workers.  Motorist safety and economic vitality depend on the condition of these roads and the state must step up and fund this key component of our infrastructure,” said Seward.

Joel Kie,the President of the New York State Association of Town Superintendents of Highways and Town of Dickinson Highway Superintendent, also spoke and in a press release he said,

"This requested additional infrastructure funding is necessary to provide the public with a safe and functional statewide transportation system, one that supports jobs and economic growth for our communities.”

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says the "Local Roads Matter" campaign will continue on until the budget is passed.

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