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Severe weather preparedness during the pandemic, how can you be ready?

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(WBNG) -- Broome County's Emergency Operations Center has been up and running for several days now, tracking the pandemic but also keeping an eye on other possible emergencies, like severe weather.

"People are in the building, but everyone is working COVID-19. So making sure that we keep awareness on the other activities that are occurring, all the day to day emergencies that still go on," said Broome County Director of Emergency Services Michael Ponticello.

As spring gets into gear and severe weather becomes possible, emergency officials will remain ready, and the hope is you can be too.

So in this time where everyone is at home, we all still want to be prepared in case severe weather does strike. Make sure you have a plan ready for you and your family, whether it be severe thunderstorms, flooding, or anything of that sort.

Make sure you have a weather preparedness kit. We all certainly have enough supplies right now, but make sure you set some stuff aside. Batteries, different food items, medical equipment, just in case severe weather does strike.

If it's a severe thunderstorm, or say a tornado, pick out a safe space or room that you and your family can go to in case of severe weather.

Of course, check for updates and listen to emergency officials as different directives come out, whatever the severe weather event may be.

NYSEG is working closely with officials, ready to assist if power is lost in certain areas. No matter what weather conditions are thrown our way, just be prepared while also continuing to halt virus spread.

"If there is something we need to push out then we can certainly notify residents in the affected areas through Reverse-9-1-1 if we have to. But really just stay in your homes and listen to the weather updates," said Broome County Executive Jason Garnar.

So have a plan, stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Damon Matson

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