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NYSAFP calls for ban on the sale of all tobacco and vaping products during pandemic

(WBNG) -- The New York State Academy of Family Physicians (NYSAFP) announced on Sunday that they are calling for a ban on the sale of all tobacco or vaping products during this pandemic period.

The NYSAFP called for this Executive Order in efforts to protect New Yorkers and lessen the impact and progression of the virus.

The NYSAFP said there was a study published recently that compared coronavirus patients with disease progression to those who had experienced improvement. The study found that the patients with progressed conditions had a significantly high number of individuals with a history of smoking or tobacco use than the group in a stable/improved condition.

NYSAFP said the study suggests that patients who used tobacco are 14 times as likely to have coronavirus progression than those who did not.

This proposal to ban the sale of all tobacco, vaping or flavored e-cigarettes must be enacted immediately. This ban will only take place during the pandemic period.

The NYSAFP is the New York chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians. NYSAFP represents more than 6,000 family physicians and medical students throughout the state and provides advocacy, education and information for its members. For more information, please visit

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Nina Einsidler

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