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Connor Green – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

Wrapping up his senior year in high school, Maine-Endwell forward, Connor Green, has gone through more adversity than most do in a lifetime.

TOWN OF UNION (WBNG) - Wrapping up his senior year in high school, Maine-Endwell's Connor Green has gone through more adversity than most do in a lifetime.

"I wasn't completely cognitive of the situation I was just like 'oh, I'm sick.'"

At just eight years old, Green was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I had to do a bunch of MRI's and everything like that and then they took me out to Cleveland and I was like this clearly isn't something normal," said Maine-Endwell forward Connor Green.

The Green family never wavered, traveling the country to find the best doctors.

"It was definitely scary but they took me to one of the best hospitals in the world and I couldn't thank them enough for that," said Green.

Through the tough times in his life Green has always had the same thing to lean back on - basketball.

"I'll just go and play by myself like when I am not feeling good or something is going on, basketball is my release."

Now fast forward to his next challenge. After three years of high school basketball his body again went through a change, but this time voluntary. Greene lost 75 pounds going into his senior season.

"I'd be a lot more of a threat and obviously the health reasons, it wasn't good for me to be that weight."

Another challenge to get his body to the best place possible.

"I was just moving so much better, like everything was a lot more swift and I like to feel that so I am going to try and stay here."

The new and improved Connor Green showed instantly on the court. The six foot seven forward was one of the most dominant players in Section IV, helping the Spartans to their third STAC title in school history

"Me and Jack (Mcfadden) have played together our whole lives, we've wanted nothing more than what we've got in our careers so it was really nice."

Even though Green's time in a Maine-Endwell uniform has come to an end, he has a lifetime of memories to look back on thanks to the game of basketball. Green is deciding between college and prep school, but is looking to continue his basketball career.

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