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When will baseball return in Binghamton?

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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- The Binghamton Rumble Ponies season was originally scheduled to begin two weeks from today. With baseball season on hold due to the coronavirus, when can we expect the season to begin?

As few updates come out regarding the Major League Baseball season, there has not been much said about the minor league season. 12 Sports caught up with MiLB Senior Director of Communications, Jeff Lantz who gave us some insight on the season.

Lantz tells us that MiLB is following MLB's lead, and following CDC and government guidelines so baseball can resume when safely possible. Lantz says he expects minor league players to return to spring training at the same time as MLB players, and extended rosters have been discussed in order for the season to begin as quickly as possible.

The minor league season typically ends early September, and Lantz said playing an extra month of baseball is a possibility, and that everything is on the table.

"I could totally see us playing through the end of September potentially. It might be a deal where instead of having a two or three week playoff series you just take the best record overall and use that as your championship series," said Lantz.

The Rumble Ponies are set to host the Eastern League All-Star game July 13-15. Lantz said any decision regarding the game is up to individual leagues, so the Eastern League and its teams will ultimately make a decision regarding the game.

"There's a lot that goes into hosting and holding those events. The Rumble Ponies, I'm sure would like to put on a great show for the entire Eastern League and the Binghamton area. I'm sure they'd love to do it. Whether or not they'll be able to, that remains to be seen," said Lantz.

As for the current battle between MLB and MiLB regarding the elimination of 42 minor league teams, Lantz tells us the two sides have gotten together and agreed negotiations will be put on pause for now, until they figure out the plan for the season.

"There's still been some discussions, but MLB has their hands full with all of this stuff going on. They've got to work with the Players Association to hammer out agreements there. There's a lot of things at play right now and there's still time to worry about the Professional Baseball Agreement," said Lantz.

Lantz says that currently, MiLB is developing multiple plans and working on a course of action, but the goal is to have games going as fast as they possibly can.

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