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How one Broome County pet store is easing pet owners’ fears

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) -- Creature Comforts pet store in Binghamton is working to make sure they will be able to provide pet owners with the food and supplies they need during the coronavirus crisis.

Staff say they didn't find out they were an essential business until hours before Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered all non-essential businesses to close last week.

In the meantime, demand for pet food has been high, but co-owner Eva Gauthier says the store is working to make sure food for dogs, cats, reptiles and other animals remains stocked, while keeping person to person contact down.

"If people call and are looking for a specific item we'll say 'yeah we got it if you want. We can charge your card over the phone. Call us when you get here, contact free' you don't have to come in, so we're trying to encourage that," she said.

Gauthier says even if she has to close the inside of the store to customers, they will continue to offer curbside pickup.

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Jack Arpey

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